Apple sales surges past RIM – The Globe and Mail

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Apple Inc. (AAPL-Q302.94-2.30-0.75%) has overtaken Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM-T58.080.731.27%) in the heated smart phone battle. And notably, Nokia Corp. (NOK-N10.70-0.33-2.99%) is slipping.

According to new research by International Data Corp., shipments of Apple’s

popular iPhone eclipsed those of RIM’s BlackBerry in the third quarter for the first time, 14.1 million to 12.4 million. Apple’s share of the market surged to 4.1 per cent in the quarter from 2.5 per cent a year earlier, IDC said.

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RIM’s no slouch, though. While it trailed Apple, its share of the market jumped to 3.6 per cent from 2.9 per cent and marked a quarter with a record number of shipments.

“The BlackBerry maker continues to grow in Latin America, for example, due to the success of the Curve 8520 entry-level model, which has helped drive growth in most emerging markets,” IDC said. “The vendor’s results were also boosted by the introduction of the higher-cost Torch in the United States, a key market due to the size and intensity of competition.”

Of Apple, IDC said that “the company’s record shipment performance can be attributed to the introducation of the iPhone

4 in 17 new countries last quarter. The record performance came despite ‘Antennagate,’ the name used to describe the controversy around alleged iPhone reception problems, in July.”

Apple, RIM and Google Inc. (GOOG-Q617.36-1.23-0.20%) have been in an incredibly fast-paced race amid competition involving the iPhone, BlackBerry and models using Google’s Android system, in a market that’s growing dramatically.

“Apple, RIM, and the vendors producing Android-based smart phones have put noticeable pressure on Nokia, the overall market leader,” IDC said, reporting that Nokia’s market share slipped to 32.4 per cent from 36.5 per cent amid tepid growth in shipments.


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