What’s the real story about AppleTV?

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Apple, Audio, Movies, Television, Video

The first write up on the new AppleTV that actually makes sense.  It just happened to be a comment on Engadget by@David Corsi

“[The new Apple TV *isn’t* the black box pictured here, but your new iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad is.

This box will be the headless accessory to future handheld iOS devices which will stream video to your TV. AirPlay is coming in iOS 4.2 to allow your music, photos, and video on your handheld to travel to your TV. Is it far fetched to believe iOS 5.0 AirPlay will allow 3rd party developers access to the same option? Imagine the Hulu Plus app on your phone, or Twit video on your iPad, or anything else allowed to send its stream from your iPad etc. straight to your TV? Take it a step further in a few years with iOS 6.0 and faster handhelds and now you not only stream video but at the same time retain the interface on your device, ie. MLB baseball video on your TV with the stats in your hand selecting multiple camera angles, or a video game image on the TV while you maintain use of your iPhone as the gyro-based control.

The best part is the upgrades are in your hand, not the box attached to your TV, so Apple gets to sell more iPhones etc. ($$$$) while the same old $99 device your bought in ’10 needs no upgrades as it just does what it has always done, stream video. Heck Apple has announced that 3rd party speakers will come AirPlay compatible, wanna bet AirPlay functionality will appear in TV’s soon?

Apple TV is here, but it isn’t that black box.”

Of course here in Canada the box costs $119.  Also we don’t get TV shows (yet) or Netflix (yet).  So…we wait

DT ~ http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/05/entelligence-a-tale-of-two-tvs/


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